The Sexy Set Up

Nothing sets the mood better than seeing that someone cared enough to go above and beyond for you. Imagine how your partner will want to devour you once they walk into a breathtaking display of rose petals, flickering candles, your drink of choice on ice, champagne flutes, and adornments catered specifically to your special event.

Couples Kink consultations

Relationships should be full of fun, romance, and surprises. Unfortunately, the monotony of everyday life can make it difficult to keep things new and interesting. Figuring out new ways to love each other, or more importantly, love ON each other, will have those sparks flying like you just met. Allow BKC to help reignite that flame or just throw a little more wood into the fire (pun intended: smirk:). Your booking includes a kink gift basket catered to you & your partner and in-person or virtual consultation where we will discuss sexy ways to enhance your intimacy with your partner. The consultation will be fine-tuned to YOU and yours after you fill out a questionnaire to help guide us to the enhancement that will fit you both just right.

Set it & Forget it

Can we agree that there’s nothing sexier than a ‘Just Because’ gift? Can we also agree that even though we want to show our partners appreciation, it seems like there just isn’t enough time in the day?! BKC can have you covered with a ‘set it & forget it’ romance subscription service specifically tailored to you and your partner. We know, GAME CHANGERRRRR. With a brief survey we will be able to tailor gifts to your loved ones so that once a month they receive a special gift from you! They’ll be happy, you’ll be happy, and then you can both use that special little gift to have a BLAST!